Friday, 15 June 2012

Penangites Backstabbed by DAP!

When DAP won in 2008, Penangites expected that the newly appointed government will act and manage by upholding ts two major slogans ' CAT = Competency, Accountability and Transparency ' and ' Cleaner, Greener Penang '. Did DAP uphold to this two slogans?

In 2008, Major Huan Cheng Guan together with his team had opposed on the reaping of the Tambun hill for red soil ( Click Here ). Since than DAP had undertaken projects that had hurt and cause dissatisfaction among Penangites. 

One of the 1st damage caused by the DAP Gov was the field of Esplanade. We Penangites know how much Esplanade mean to us. The purpose of  the 'King of Tennis' tournament which didnt take place ended up damaging the field. Evantough the field was re-surfaced, damaged have been done.

There are many incidents where we Penangites tend to forget. In 2009 the State Government who had announced on low cost houses, didnt take place. In 2011,DAP's Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi had claim that black market activity was denying eligible applicants affordable housing in his constituency ( Click here for news ). Huan Cheng Guan had lodge a report to MACC regarding the low cost house issue. Only than, that the DAP government had announce on low cost housing in the Mainland of Penang - Batu Kawan.

One of the major issues now concerning the people of Penang are the reaping of hills and selling of lands and sea to developers. There are a few major land deals where the state government have acted with their own interest. The Bayan Mutiara land deal remains a question mark. Few days back, a state land which were meant for low cost houses have been approved for a construction of a private medical center. 

Leave a side Buah Pala and the Malay settlement land in Tanjung Bunga. There are many land issues where the Goverment choose to remain silent whenever it is raised. Huan Cheng Guan had also raised up regarding the Temporary Occupant Land ( TOL ) which was obtained by a DAP State leader. The so called leader was given a deduction of premium and a lease  of the TOL land. One who now travels back from Island to Mainland will notice on the development taking place at the sea front. It is heartening to see massive development by destroying the nature and beauty of Penang. 

With the GE12 manifesto not materialized, all issues are being politicized by DAP. Example the Sungai Nyior toll issue. DAP are PHD holders when it comes to spinning. It is them who promise to remove the tol if they were to win the State. But once winning they are eagerly manipulating the issue and have been going on demonstrating. 

DAP are just so good in blowing the trumpet. Wifi for the whole state was announced. But it was only now being implemented in mainland. Furthermore, the connection is so bad where we rather get a paid connection. The list goes on. Mat Sabu was allowed to claim for his injury during the bersih rally and again Major Huan had to report it to MACC. 

Whenever there is ia issue raised, Guan Eng chooses to remain quiet for Penangites to forget the issue. So far it have been working for him.  This include the spat between Guan Eng and Tunku who had raised his opinion on Bersih. His Senatorship was not renewed and this caused Tunku to resign and leave DAP. This shows DAP does not practice what it says on freedom of speech. Freedom of speech takes place in DAP only if it favors them. Huan Cheng Guan had lodge to MACC again on the Tunku-Guan Eng issue where Guan Eng had tried to bribe Tunku to return to DAP.

Lets touch on the latest issues of reaping the hills in Sungai Ara and Batu Ferringhi. It was sickening when Guan Eng replied to the residents that he is not aware on the hill slope project. What a childish comment from the state CM. Pennag which is well known for its nature and green is now loosing its nature and beauty. Penangites need to put a full stop to this. The Government is more eager in making profit by destroying the beauty of Penang. 

With new fees such as for rezoning, land conversion, development charges and hill land excision charges, the State Government is making out millions. This charges amount up to RM100k which now have caused the housing prices in Island to shoot up. 

The Goverment is now making millions from development and land sales but there are no returns for Penangite. Guan Eng have promised for low cost houses to be build in Batu Kawan, Penang. But at the same time hazardous companies such as solar panel manufactures companies are to be build there putting not only the people, but its nature and agro-agricultural industry into danger. 

 Another latest issue now in Penang is the increase of water tariff. Guan Eng & DAP have again broken their promise. In June last year Guan Eng have given his word that water tariff would not take place anymore. Its GM had announce the water tariff will take place. But after the con-damming from public, PBA took a u-turn saying the press has misquoted him. 

Its time for us Penangite to decide the best to rule our state. Judge from the performance and internal related issus and problems among DAP. the Penangite should wake up and stand as one voice to state our dissatisfaction!

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